We do watch movies in our spare time, want to watch our favorite characters and be updated with every movie that is released. For some of us who have a fast internet connection, we like to watch it online rather than downloading. But if you’ve a rather fair internet connection, you would prefer to download them rather than waiting for the movie to buffer online every now and then. But is that easy too?

Still, searching movies online for downloads too is a tiring job itself. You might be redirected to a site that shows a download link but is full of malware and ads. So why not to try some trustworthy sites? This guide here will tell you which websites to trust the best for downloading movies safely.

Free movie downloading website


You can search and download any Bollywood movie from this website and that too, free of cost. There are a large number of movies in this website and you can search for your favorite one easily. The movies are also available in 3GP and MP4 formats.


This website is all known for the abundant availability of Bollywood movies. All movies are listed according to Movies categories which thus makes it easy download movies for anybody. The movies that are provided for download can be downloaded in any quality, starting from lowest to even Blue ray. Not only that but if you want to download the songs too from the movie that you want to download, they will be provided too. That’s why people actually love this website.


This website is another best popular free Bollywood Movie Download Site. This is totally nice looking and interesting. The best feature of this website is that it gets your browser cache so that it can show you movies of your interest. This way, you can find your movies more easily than ever.


It is yet another popular movie download sites. People love this website and like to download movies from it because there are all categories of movies present in it. The movies provided here can be downloaded for both, mobile as well as PC with their respective qualities.


This website can get you all movies based on different categories, name of actor or actress. Not only that but the movie you want to download will also be presented with a full description in this website. In this website, you can see the latest downloaded movies from this site. And you can also see the latest released movie. You can search movie by month and year of releasing.

6) will provide you with the best service when it comes in availability of movies over the internet. In this website, you can also get latest updates and news related to Bollywood and news related to Bollywood. Which means that this website has to offer more better features than the others.